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Shine Lookbook Series

Vol. 3

the word, Grow, in green modern font
the words, SHINE, What makes you shine?

A creative exploration of the things that make us shine.
Told in a series of interactive lookbooks.
Welcome to Volume 3.

A large decorative, organic design in alternating green colors
A bright and sunny room with colorful, modern rugs on the floor by Angela Adams
Daytrip Happy
Astrud Flamingo
Brighten your interior world the optimistic colors of a blooming garden. We feel happy and peaceful when surrounded by natural beauty. Why not make that feeling a part of your daily life?
A very bold and colorful area rug by Angela Adams called Daytrip Happy
Daytrip Happy
Our imagination runs wild with Daytrip. Start your day with Daytrip and let the free spirited energy inside you loose. Colors and forms float together, creating new narratives that spark our imaginations. Step out of bed every morning into the plush world of Daytrip.
A leather sofa sits on a modern area rug called Vines Mambo by Angela Adams
Vines Mambo
Let the natural world flow throughout your interior landscape. Pure New Zealand wool with the plush density of a thriving tundra, our Vines rug invites you to sink in and soak up the healing vibes of nature.
A bright room with wicker chair and modern area rug called Daisies Sunny by Angela Adams
Daisies Sunny
Love me, love me not. Think of warm summer days and breezy fields of dancing wildflowers.
A soft blue, area rug with a flower raised pattern called Daisies Sky
Daisies Sky
They remind us of our first crush and the way their secrets held us in suspense while we searched for the answers to true love.
Three modern SHINE Collection area rugs in a light, and bright room
Daisies Petal
Daytrip Lovely
Buzz Dream
Creating environments that allow you to rest peacefully expands the space in your mind, bringing clarity and perspective needed to grow.
A soft pink area rug by angela adams called daisies petal
Daisies Petal
Creating environments that allow you to rest peacefully expands the space in your mind, bringing clarity and perspective needed to grow.
A fun, modern area rug called Day trip Lovely by angela adams
Daytrip Lovely
Step out of bed every morning, embarking on a new adventure with Daytrip. Plush texture, imaginative shapes and composition lay the groundwork for a fresh day full of wonder and surprises.
A bright, beige, pink and white area rug called Buzz Dream by Angela Adams
Buzz Dream
When we are in a good groove, we buzz with energy. Sometimes it’s a soft gentle purr and other times it’s a festive blast of energy. Available in a wide range of colorways, Buzz can compliment the rhythmic energy of ocean waves or the urge to turn the volume up with the warm glow of a blooming summer garden or the peaceful air of a foggy coastline.
The modern Dove Dream light blue and beige rug by Angela Adams
Dove Dream
A symbol of peace and love and courier of messages, Doves represent the most powerfully positive expressions of our world. Let us take a cue from these sweet cooing birds and all be messengers of peace and love.
The End