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Shine Lookbook Series

Vol. 4

the word, Imagine, in ghosted gray lettering
A man walks across the beige, area rug called, Dove Peace
Imagination fuels our creativity and inspires us to work toward the ideas that fill us with hope and passionate enthusiasm.

A creative exploration of the things that make us SHINe,
told in a series of interactive lookbooks.

Welcome to Volume 4...

A modern area rug called Dove Peace in tan colors
Dove Peace
Mourning Doves were our muse for the new Dove design. Their elegant shape is a reminder that these beautiful birds symbolize peace. Simply observing these expert aviators soaring, sparks our imagination and fills our hearts with hope. Shown here in the Peace colorway and hand-tufted with pure New Zealand wool.
A man walks across the beige, area rug called, Dove Peace
Colorful abstract pebbles piled in a rectangle
Four Colorful Rugs in a grid called Three Stones
Three Stones
The Three Stones design is a playful take on large boulders that have nestled together after years of weather and geologic activity.
A black and caramel brown, modern area rug called Astrud Butter Cream
Astrud Butter Rum
The playfull curves of the Astrud design make us smile as we imagine the shapes dancing across the floor.
A black and white modern area rug called Astrud Coconut
Astrud Coconut
Bold shapes fill our imaginations with story and adventure. Sink your toes into luxuriously plush New Zealand wool and let your imagination take the lead.
Black and white area rug, and runner, side by side called Vines Tango
Vines Tango
Soft organic shapes and our softest plush construction transitions your living space into a dreamy oasis. Click the + button for more colorways.
Two scenes of a modern area rug in black and white diamond pattern called Duke Vivid
Duke Vivid
The hypnotic Duke design transports us to a dreamy landscape. Let the rhythmic pattern of this new design change your channel and open your mind to new experiences and adventures.

The story continues...
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