Celebrating Change

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Evolving as a business and as designers

After 25 years of designing and building handcrafted furniture in Portland, Maine we have decided to wind down our furniture program.

While we made all of our pieces to order, we do have a limited number of Floor Model pieces available.

Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

A Message from Co-Founder & Furniture Designer Sherwood Hamill:

Sherwood Wood Shop Studio Sustainable Hardwood Fine Furniture






“What an opportunity this has been!

Somehow, a dream that began in the 1990s has enabled us to create a company that we could design for, while still being able to live in Maine. From the beginning, we have evolved and expanded our furniture and rug designs to where they are today.

Where else could we have done this? Certainly not without the support of our customers, friends, family and team. Although we see continued demand for high-end, hand crafted modern furniture, providing it at a high level has become increasingly difficult.

Looking ahead, I get excited about the opportunity to evolve as a designer through new product lines and creative projects.”