Multi-colored, multi-patterned letter spelling out Angela Adams Outlet

Introducing the new outlet

This is where you will find special products — at special prices. Prototypes, samples, experiments, one of a kinds, discontinued colorways, designs or sizes… unique pieces to bring comfort and inspiration to your world. We will be adding new items to the outlet on a regular basis, so be sure to sign up and have first dibs on special pieces!

  • Sale! amma-fjara-02062023
    a detail corner of a blue, handmade area rug called Amma Fjara by angela adams
  • Sale! angela-adams-bark-birch-02062023
    a textured area rug in front of a glowing fireplace
  • Sale! angela-adams-bark-bloom-02062023
  • Sale! angela-adams-bark-moonlight-02062023_hero
    angela adams Bark Moonlight rug contemporary modern
  • Sale! angela-adams-bongo-passion-02062023_hero
    A close up of a red area rug called Bongo Passion
  • Sale! angela-adams-buzz-opal-02062023_hero.jpg
    A modern area rug in pink tones called Buzz Opal
  • Sale! angela adams Misty Petal contemporary modern rug
    angela adams Misty Petal contemporary modern rug
  • Sale! diamond-emerald
  • Sale! diamond-lilac
  • Sale! Astrud Butter Rum area rug by Angela Adams
  • Sale! Astrud Coconut area rug by Angela Adams
    A detail of Angela Adams Astrud Coconut area rug
  • Sale! A modern, hand tufted area rug with dove pattern in orange and dark red colors by Angela Adams called Dove Love
    angela adams shine collection dove love area rug
  • Sale! Spacewave Camel - 01
  • Sale! Spacewave Grey 8x10 01
  • Sale! spacewave sage 8x10 - 02
  • Laguna Moonlight
  • Laguna multi
  • Laguna Red
  • Sale! Majesty B+W 01