Duke Blue

Music makes us shine inside and out.
Duke Ellington directed his band in a way that made them all shine so bright – they were (and are still) revered the world over.

With suggestions like “Okay, next you come in on the second bar in a subtle manner growling like a hungry lion cub that wants his dinner but can’t find his mother”, followed by “and then you over here are cast as the sun beating down on the scene. What kind of sound would make you feel like that? Try a high B flat in felt hat, play it legato and sustain it for eight bars. Let’s all hit this together!”.

With that in mind… put on your favorite hat and turn the music up while you shine brightly dancing on your Duke rug!


One of our most intricate loop and cut pile constructions, the Duke area rug is a testament to the beauty of complex compositions that when masterfully crafted, result in a harmonious piece that feels naturally composed as if it was meant to be.
Available in two distinct colorways and a variety of sizes.

Craftsmanship: Each angela adams rug is ethically and responsibly handmade in India by skilled artisans using pure New Zealand wool, cotton backing and a latex adhesive.

Also available in custom sizes and colors. Please fill out the Custom Work form here.

For additional information, contact us at (800) 255 – 9454 or email us at customerservice@angelaadams.com.