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Shine Lookbook Series

Vol. 2

the word, Crush, in red modern font
A woman in black and white drapes herself over a plush area rug called Dove Moonlight

A creative exploration of the things that make us shine.
Told in a series of interactive lookbooks.
Welcome to Volume 2.

A decorative graphic in bright blue, and red, with the word CRUSH on it.
A woman in a blue dress skips across a plush blue, modern, area rug
Duke Blue
The Duke area rug is a tribute to the beauty of complex compositions that when masterfully crafted, result in a harmonious piece that feels naturally composed as if it was meant to be.
An animated Bongo Pool blue modern rug with dancing oranges hopping into the basket
Bongo Pool
Cue up the Cuban music and do the samba on our Bongo rug! Our interpretation of the upbeat bongo sound is a repetitive pattern as intoxicating as a hot night in Havana. Channel your inner Lucy and Desi and cut a rug. No one’s watching.
A woman in a blue dress sits casually on a white leather couch over a blue, modern area rug called Dove Twilight
Dove Twilight
A symbol of peace and love and couriers of messages, Doves represent the most powerfully positive expressions of our world. Let us take a cue from these sweet cooing birds and all be messengers of positive energy.
A hand wiggles a red heart above the red, Dove Love area rug
Dove Love
We couldn’t decide which colorways we liked best – so we brought them all in! Each colorway is available in a variety of sizes.
A modern green area rug called Dove Rainforest by Angela Adams
Dove Rainforest
The vibrant birds and dense canopy of the rainforest inspired us to create a lush vibe for your interior space. Hand-tufted with pure New Zealand wool, the Dove design is hand sheared, creating a velvety texture and luxurious feel underfoot.
A modern area rug called Dove Moonlight
Dove Moonlight
Dance the night way until the morning sun streams in your door. The blissful feeling after a night of dancing and laughter will make you and everyone around you glow with loving energy.
A jagged pattern in blue tones on a contemporary area rug called Buzz Blue by Angela Adams
Buzz Blue
When we are in a good groove, we buzz with energy. Sometimes it’s a soft, gentle purr and other times it’s a roaring blast of energy.
A green area rug called Buzz Emerald
Buzz Emerald
Turn up the music and let the inspiration of the composition unfold into a beautiful work of art. Available in a wide range of colorways, Buzz can compliment the rhythmic energy of ocean waves or the urge to turn the volume up with the warm glow of a blooming summer garden or the peaceful air of a foggy coastline.
A light, green and beige rug with a wicker chair called Bongo Lemon by Angela Adams
Bongo Lemon
Cue up the Cuban music and do the samba on our Bongo rug! Our interpretation of the upbeat bongo sound is a repetitive pattern as intoxicating as a hot night in Havana. Channel your inner Lucy and Desi and cut a rug. No one’s watching.
A gray and white vine patterned rug by angela adams
Vines Swoosh
Let the natural world flow throughout your interior landscape. Pure New Zealand wool with the plush density of a thriving tundra, our Vines rug invites you to sink in and soak up the healing vibes of nature.
A pool shaped rug called Pool Dream
Pool Dream
We created three distinct pool colorways, each like a portal to a new world. One in the fresh blues of a secret lagoon, another in the emerald greens of the rainforest and the third colorway takes you straight up into the clouds where the worries of the day evaporate and your mind can be still.
A pool shaped rug called Pool Wooland
Pool Woodland
We all need a little weightlessness in our lives. You will inevitably sink effortlessly into the serene gradient of our Pool rug. Dip your toes in and escape. You can thank us later.
A pool shaped rug called Pool Heaven
Pool Heaven
Floating on a cloud, in your home.
A beige and tan area rug called, Storybook is tickled with a shaggy pillow as it animates across the floor
Lounge on the ultra plush pages of a storybook and layer in your own narrative. The Storybook design guides us through fanciful adventures in far out terrain. We believe in the power of storytelling and the unexpected twists and turns of this design allow your creativity to shine, as your imagination takes twists and turns in the plush landscape.
A fun and colorful area rug called Buzz Opal
Astrud Melon Buzz Opal Three Stones Clay
Pop color makes us SHINE! Lighten up an under appreciated space in your home and bring it to life with color and bold pattern. Explore our collection of small rugs and make your space bloom.
A series of rugs all in the same organic pattern but different colors called Astrud
Dancing makes us smile and shine! We love dancing to bossa nova, with Astrud Gilberto’s flowery voice and up tempo beats. Astrud Gilberto helped transform modern Brazilian music, making it some of the most listened to music in the world. Our Astrud design pays homage to her with the vibrant colors of Brazil and the sensual curves of Samba dancers.
Pink and Red Graphic saying, The End