Vinalhaven, North Haven and Hurricane Island : 1936

The Fox Islands, 12 miles off midcoast Maine comprise of two islands, North Haven (the island I grew up on) and neighboring Vinalhaven, which is the larger of the two and more populated. North Haven’s year round population is about 380 people. Vinalhaven’s population is just over 1200 people.

In many ways the islands are similar, yet growing up there, they can feel quite different in ways. The accents are even a bit different and that may only be noticeable by a native (or not – I think the difference is very noticeable). My parents and grandparents (and great grandparents) grew up with lots of friends on Vinalhaven and my brothers and I are still friends with kids of my parents generation.

My Grandfather Argyle was actually born on Vinalhaven, but lived his life on North Haven. Those layers of generations weaving in and out of history has always fascinated me. Recently, I noticed an article in the Bangor Daily News about a man named Richard Burton, whom while at a flea market in New Jersey a few years ago discovered an archive of old photography from 1936 that was taken on Vinalhaven and Hurricane Island. Some may be North Haven, it’s hard to tell as they all look so familiar. The images are beautiful and capture the essence of the islands, the landscape and the people.

So many faces look familiar and I can’t help but think the ancestors of these people might be friends or relatives. Thank you to Richard Burton for sharing these images that capture a beautiful place at a special time. -angela
6597411389_27e4f452d4_o 6540839793_048e57ed99_o 6540818813_2a3b0b9e7f_o 6540680403_f53d948f7b_o 6540680399_a2b042c739_o 6540680395_5a46d84bd6_o 6540623327_b0ca89c8fc_o 6427957623_33350a4edb_o 6427893565_1f51010695_o 6408627001_9a85f1ea0b_o 6408573477_786132f1c6_o 6408573463_3a1b356639_o - From Flickr user Rich701 6408542069_932d5fea40_o 6408542051_7f87c3d2eb_o 6408478083_2dea17d564_o 6402776231_337740ddbb_o 6402776205_ff45455214_o   6392183835_6d5c4d00b7_oTide going out. Crane is loading granite paving stones onto the ship. Vinalhaven has 10-12 foot tides.6392133073_cf5f60eb54_oSailboat entering Vinalhaven harbor.6360698933_658d398985_oCascade Bowling Alley and Shooting Gallery.6360590229_e0cbda467b_oDried codfish ready for market.6360590221_4f8d238c5b_oDrying and salting codfish.6359433857_1f7f131c29_o 6359396639_5f4ff575c9_o
6356197901_949c7ea7d1_oRocks along the shoreline of Hurricane Island6356163023_b074ab8e48_o 6356132825_f3eb8bdbb1_o
6356112407_45b663d059_oSheep on the edge of the old quarry. Hurricane Island6355755239_f9a7e62a6d_o
6339399928_b68d8537b1_oNot much farmland on an island made of granite.6338709371_8f793dd2d4_o
6338612095_a657d24d2d_oBlacksmith at the Pink Granite Quarry. He is seen here sharpening and hardening the tools used by the quarrymen6335307617_be78265be8_o 6335307607_8605dd4801_o 6335276669_15815fcc8d_o 6326820215_c144ea1206_o 6326820211_605c89e943_o 6313054210_14087b5b14_o  - From Flickr user Rich701Pounding steel wedges into the drill holes to split the stone.

For more information about Hurricane, Vinalhaven and North Haven islands visit these sites. http://townofvinalhaven.org For more photos visit Richard Burton on Flickr