Munjoy Coffee Table – Sherwood Hamill’s Design Process + Inspiration

“The Munjoy Coffee Table was named after the hill that we live on. The design was derived from an earlier round coffee table version called the Mod Pod. As the name suggests, the top surface was made up of four separate intersecting pods. The Mod Pod concept was to create a round top that was visually interesting using solid wood. In this case, the grain direction of each pod is rotated ninety degrees radiating from the center while showing the beauty of the end grain around the outer edge.

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Most often my design process begins with an emotional experience where I will have a dream like feeling about this great idea for a piece of furniture. More than likely the great idea is only an emotional idea that will never make it into the tangible 3D world of reality.

The challenge has always been to bring a good idea from an abstract place into the 3D working environment where it can be studied and shaped into a furniture piece.

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