Munjoy Coffee Table – Sherwood Hamill’s Design Process + Inspiration

“The Munjoy Coffee Table was named after the hill that we live on. The design was derived from an earlier round coffee table version called the Mod Pod. As the name suggests, the top surface was made up of four separate intersecting pods. The Mod Pod concept was to create a round top that was visually interesting using solid wood. In this case, the grain direction of each pod is rotated ninety degrees radiating from the center while showing the beauty of the end grain around the outer edge.

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Sherwood Hamill Furniture Shop

Most often my design process begins with an emotional experience where I will have a dream like feeling about this great idea for a piece of furniture. More than likely the great idea is only an emotional idea that will never make it into the tangible 3D world of reality.

The challenge has always been to bring a good idea from an abstract place into the 3D working environment where it can be studied and shaped into a furniture piece.

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For the 18 years we had our studios, shop and business on Congress Street in Portland, Maine we had the luxury of sharing that building with Tom Hall. Tom is a featured artist in our new Studio Showroom. His work transforms the spaces it inhabits and layers on a depth of soul that whispers a subtle air of solitude and wisdom, inspired by the landscape that has captivated him his entire life – the Maine woods.
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Acadia full carpet rug indoor outdoor patio durable

Named for the crown jewel of Maine’s outdoor playground, the new Acadia area rug design features a subtle blend of colors in a state of the art construction that allows Acadia to live inside or outside to fit your lifestyle. The lightweight, machine-woven construction and UV stable material makes the Acadia durable and portable, ideal for the outdoor spaces you enjoy all summer long.

Solid and classic,

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In Honor of Mothers Day

In honor of Mothers Day, we asked our team members what designs reminded them of their moms and why.

Mother's Day beach child mom blog angela adams

Canopy reminds me of my mom. Thinking of her whimsical leaves and branches lovingly protecting me as I explore the world. Whenever I look up she is always there, always present, casting her dancing shadows over my heart.”

– Carrie Powers, Manager of Finance and Administration

Mother's Day beach child mom blog angela adams

“Our Sea Turtle Coffee table reminds me of my mom mostly because it is her favorite piece in our collections,
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Patterns in Photomicrography

We speak of patterns in nature almost daily in our studio. The surprising colors and textures never stop fascinating us. Microscopic imagery has inspired me since I was a kid in science class. Putting plants, snowflakes, seaweed, algae and anything else that will fit onto a slide under a microscope always provides surprising patterns, color and texture.

We found these images from Small World’s Photomicrography competition.

“The Nikon International Small World Competition first began in 1975 as a means to recognize and applaud the efforts of those involved with photography through the light microscope.

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Interview with Anna Hepler

Anna Helper Artist Portland Maine Bloom angela adamsWhen I first met Anna Hepler years ago, she was working in a studio down the street from my house in Portland, Maine. The work I remember from that first day was tiny, simple drawings. Each one looked almost like an unexpected organism that showed up on a slide under a microscope. Years later, I felt transported by her installation in the Great Hall at the Portland Museum of Art.

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Behind the Scenes: Down East Magazine

Angela Adams Munjoy Hill Down East Magazine Maine May 2018

It was a delight to be a part of the May 2018 issue of Down East Magazine. The My Space page was a perfect place to share some of my favorite objects that make the historic Munjoy Hill house where Sherwood and I have lived for many years feel like home.

Our living spaces are the anchors of our everyday life, and what we choose to surround ourselves with says so much about what we hold dear.

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Calling all design enthusiasts!

Maine Homes Design Awards 2018 Martha StewartMaine Homes and Angela want to see what you’ve been up to. Is there a room in your own home, or in a home you’ve worked on in Maine that you’re especially proud of? Do you or one of your clients have a home that’s gorgeous inside and out?

Maine Homes Design Awards 2018

Do you think Angela and Martha would agree? We can’t wait to see!

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Wendell Castle

If I was told I could select ten pieces of art from any museum, gallery, or collection in the world— one piece would be by Wendell Castle. It would be difficult to select just one, but he would absolutely be in my collection of ten favorite pieces. Many of his pieces look like creatures to me. Beautiful, organic, and happy. Looking at his appealingly shaped designs, they are often carved laminate wood on molded fiberglass.

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Interview with Mary Anne Lloyd

Mary Anne Lloyd Portland Maine Artist illustrator fun happy happiness graphic designMary Anne Lloyd makes Portland smile wide. Her illustrations can be found throughout the city, on various packages, signs and products. Her distinctive style is cheerful (with the occasional “Ack!” balloon quote). She captures the expressions and postures of creatures in a way that tells us she knows them well and speaks their language. In a city that is full of talented artists, Mary Anne Lloyd’s work shines brightly and brings a cheerful grin to those that come across it.

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Introducing our STUDIES Collection

The Studies Collection from angela adams from angela adams on Vimeo.

Our new Studies collection of small natural fiber area rugs started out as a sketching exercise and evolved into little pops of personality to enhance your living space with positive energy and plush landing pads for casual living.

Sketching is an important part of the studio process. Often the most successful designs come together by simply not trying to do anything in particular.

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marsStumbling upon the book This is Mars was perfect. Thank you It’s Nice That for the discovery and article!

Everyone’s talking about going to visit Mars now that the option is now sort of available. To be honest, there are actually some people I would happily wave off as they careered off to an uninhabitable planet that can be up to 250 million miles away. For those of us who prefer a simple life on watery,

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Angela’s Interview with artist Honour Mack

Some paintings shout. Others whisper. One might dance, while another haunts. 

Honour Mack’s paintings float. They move slowly out of the corner of your eye.  Layers deep within her paintings, find their way to the surface as light changes. There’s an ethereal quality to Honour’s paintings that I find mysteriously comforting. Unexpected color. We live with an Honour Mack painting and I look forward to seeing it when I get home every day. 

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unique coffee table sustainable Sherwood Hamill

The Swell Coffee Table has always been one of my favorite pieces in our furniture collection. Sherwood Hamill (my husband and business partner) and I started our company together 20 years ago, and have been together for 25 years. I know very well how much he values design, form, and craftsmanship. He approaches design in the same way he approaches everything— thoughtfully.

Biomorphic form and organic materials give the Swell Coffee Table it’s natural essence.

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