Our Inner Nature Contest Rug is Here
Last year we launched the Inner Nature Collection, a collection of rugs and furniture celebrating the beauty of expressing our true selves. Shortly after the launch, we invited our followers to consider their own Inner Nature and share their thoughts with us in a short essay contest. The winner, Ally Carrier, was among hundreds of entries we received, and was chosen as the winner by Angela based on her answers to the interview questions.
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Munjoy Coffee Table – Sherwood Hamill’s Design Process + Inspiration

“The Munjoy Coffee Table was named after the hill that we live on. The design was derived from an earlier round coffee table version called the Mod Pod. As the name suggests, the top surface was made up of four separate intersecting pods. The Mod Pod concept was to create a round top that was visually interesting using solid wood. In this case, the grain direction of each pod is rotated ninety degrees radiating from the center while showing the beauty of the end grain around the outer edge.

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Assembling related ideas for the blog is a luxurious task. I love coming at the ideas from different angles. The theme this week is classic design. All three of the classic design posts featured this week were the first three that came to mind… the 911 Porsche, Beech Bonanza airplanes and the fashion house Balenciaga. These three iconic design companies are all in a league of their own. I can easily imagine Cristóbal Balenciaga,

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Case Study

When a furniture designer achieves the right balance of proportion, scale, materials and finish, the end result is a powerful statement. Side cases have a sculptural quality about them that can be grounding and comforting. I have always loved the cases Paul Evans did for his bold textures and in some instances, grand scale. Adrian Pearsall’s brutalist designs are very inspiring to me. Charlotte Perriand is another favorite and her cases seem to hold the same intellectual quality she possessed.

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Interview with Anna Hepler

Anna Helper Artist Portland Maine Bloom angela adamsWhen I first met Anna Hepler years ago, she was working in a studio down the street from my house in Portland, Maine. The work I remember from that first day was tiny, simple drawings. Each one looked almost like an unexpected organism that showed up on a slide under a microscope. Years later, I felt transported by her installation in the Great Hall at the Portland Museum of Art.

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Life’s lines pull apart and come together, drawing us near and pushing us away through a series of angles and measured repetition. The geometry of nature and humanity is constant and varied. The collective mathematical relationships in design in the various forms that surround us have an amazing ability to thrill and delight, or soothe away the chaos of everyday life.

Garbo Amber Luxury Wool Handmade RugLike a puzzle seeking resolution, the calming geometric designs in our collection pull together all the pieces to create a polished,

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