The Birds and the Bees Collection

The birds and the bees collection

Birds and the Bees Collection: Mother Nature’s designs humble and inspire us.

They can be powerful or delicate. Simple or intricate. She’s a weaver, a sculptor, a painter, a musician. She has created spaces that feel more like home to us than any other.

We imagine her living space: the forms, colors and textures that surround her. A desk where she can design the weather. A dressing table for crafting scents of flowers, fog and moss. Resting places for dreaming and tapestries that reveal landscapes above and below the Earth’s surface.

The Birds and the Bees collection is a tribute to Mother Nature, providing a home for her like no other.

AA_HTWR_ForestFloor_L1Woodland (forest floor) rug

A landscape of color, texture, and dimension. Sparkling, delicate moss creating its own forest at the tiniest scale. Rocks draped in moss snuggle the stream. Star-shaped plants that appear to crawl slowly about. Rich, hearty soil that warms and nourishes.



Natural and comforting, the haven dining table and chairs brings people together and surrounds them with organic forms and handcrafted texture.

sunset2Sunset rug

The power and beauty of nature. A big bold sun sets down into the landscape. Crystal drifts around as we blink and turn away.


lily dressing table

The color of fresh green grass, the Lily Dressing table is the perfect place to sit and craft the scents of nature. The fresh, salty essence of the ocean, the earthy aroma of the forest, the warm, sweet fragrance of summer rain, or the cool crisp scent of freshly fallen snow.


Underground tapestry

What earthly magic transpires under the moss and beneath the Forest Floor? The rocks compress and create beautiful crystals. Cool rivers run wild through the Earth’s mantle. Roots weave themselves in and around the soil and rocks. Moss and lichen grow in pillowy pockets of color and texture.



With strength and confidence, the elegant lines of the Blackbird desk resemble a soaring bird. The ideal place to study the weather, design intricate details of a small insect wing or manage the movement of the tides and planets.


Mica rug

Fragments of crystals in ice or rock reflect the sky. Nestled together, they tumble and bounce light in all directions.