Villa La Banane

I have a dream of filling the nine rooms of Villa la Banane with friends and relaxing on the furnishings of some of my favorite designers- Charlotte Perriand, Jean Royere and Pierre Jeanneret. The interiors and furnishings are exquisite and hold a long history of glamorous international parties and getaways. The design is timeless and a perfect combination of mid century French design and Caribbean luxury.


“There are places you don’t happen upon just by chance. Undreamt of places, concealed somewhere at the other end of the world. Places whose secrecy alone justifies the journey, where warm and welcoming serenity, appreciable discretion and endless sunshine make crossing the ocean worthwhile. Neither hotels nor guest houses, these addresses cultivate the mystery of a full-fledged lifestyle that is yours for the taking.

La Banane is one such secluded spot. Hidden in the heart of the Caribbean on the Island of Saint Barth and just a few meters away from the Lorient beach, this hotel has a legendary past peopled with stars who, for a long time, were faithful visitors to the most Parisian nightclub in the French West Indies. No point in giving their names. Insiders know them off by heart and only like to reminisce amongst themselves.

Is this perhaps the reason why la Banane has been able to come back to life again? Like a Phoenix, a little shy about being too well known and once the hotspot for wild parties thrown by the entertainment world legend Jean Marie Rivière, the hotel has now reinvented itself. Here, time is no longer what we are usually accustomed to. Somewhere between its past heritage and dynamic present, la Banane likes to mix the genres, merge eras, styles and personalities. The furniture designed by Pierre Jeanneret for the city of Chandigarh, the pieces signed by Charlotte Perriand and Jean Royère or Serge Mouille make each space – bedroom, bar or suite – as stylish as it is cozy. Lulled by the balmy breezes whispering in the palm trees and latania and flooded under a torrent of blossoming hibiscus, the garden is transformed into a luxuriant hideaway, highlighted by the frescos of Cyprien Chabert. The walls like blank pages on which everyone can write their own story, their own dreams and desires, are today immaculately white.

Whether it’s about the past, the present or a story to be told, la Banane is entirely devoted to a handful of privileged people. Relying as much on secrecy as on generosity, it proposes its nine bedrooms ranging in size from 30 to 45 m2, its bathrooms opening onto a private patio, its swimming pool and its subdued luxury to demanding connoisseurs for whom good taste and the cult of privacy are genuine values to be safeguarded.” >> This is Paper / Benjamin Fabri