The plush Drom rug design is inspired by Swedish folk art and the power of storytelling that is passed on through layers of family and friends. We cherish family stories and time listening to our elders talk about their experiences and adventures. Heirloom craft is a traditional way to share stories and pass along techniques and designs that have been part of a culture for generations. Drom is the Swedish word for dream and the plushness of the Drom rug invites you to lay down on it and rest your eyes and mind.

Sol is the Swedish word for Sun, and the Sol color way represents a lush green landscape that has been nourished by summer days in Sweden, when the sun never sets.

The Sno colorway represents the snowy winter landscape in Sweden, when reindeer come down from the high mountains and the daylight hours are few.

The Lisma colorway is named for a small Nordic village in Finland that is surrounded by the Lemmenjoki National Park.

Hand tufted 100% New Zealand wool in shag height.

Handmade in India, each angela adams rug is ethically and responsibly handmade by skilled artisans. A portion of the proceeds from every rug sale is donated to the country where it was made.

Also available in custom sizes and colors. For additional information, please contact us at (800) 255 – 9454 or customerservice@angelaadams.com.