Diana Beltran Herrera

(Left) Upupa, Paper Sculpture. 2014 (Right) European bee eater. Photo by Henrique Mangeon. 2013

birds-3Eastern Meadowlark. Paper Sculpture. 2014birds-2Greater Bird of Paradise, Paper Sculpture. 2013birds-4(Left) American Goldfinch, Paper Sculpture. 2014 (Right) Blue tit. Paper Sculpture. 2014birds-5Photos courtesy of Victoria Holguinbirds-7Working process in the studio. 2014birds-8(Left) Colombia. Bird stamps. 2015 (Right) Brasil. Bird stamps. 2014

I think I’m talking a lot about birds these days. They have shown up in force in Maine and they couldn’t be more welcome after a big winter. Every morning, walking to work I see new species and hear songs I haven’t heard in many months. They are belting out beautiful songs and fluttering about, busily preparing for long journeys and new family members.

Diana Beltran Herrera’s work makes you stop in your tracks much like you might when you hear a new birdsong or see a colorful bird. But once you look and it dawns on you that these beautiful creations were made by hand, other thoughts come to mind. Her work makes me think about patience, time, discipline, craft and love. We have selected only a variety of her incredible creatures here, so take the time to explore her work on her website and don’t miss an opportunity to see it in person. – angela

You can see more of her work here.