flower moon angela adams blog may space universe inspirationThe bonds between the moon, the natural world and human kind here on earth cannot be broken. It’s a connection that is mutually dependent– and as ancient as the universe itself. Their connectedness has inspired people for millennia and affects our everyday world and lives.

Since our earliest days, people have tracked the seasons through the lunar cycle, naming each moon with natural annual occurrences it was associated with. Some of the more common moon names used by Native and Colonial Americans were adopted by the modern calendar and continue to be used today.

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Long live Robert Indiana and his inspiring work. He will live on forever in his iconic work and his powerful graphic art. Robert Indiana Artist love angela adams blogRobert Indiana Artist love angela adams blogRobert Indiana Artist love angela adams blog Robert Indiana Artist love angela adams blog

“I had naively originally thought Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture was unique to Philadelphia’s LOVE park. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The original image was designed for the Museum of Modern Art as a Christmas card image in 1964. It was made into a colorless Cor-Ten Steel sculpture in 1970 and was shown in New York.”


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Thanks to all of you who came out on Saturday! We really enjoyed hosting all of you and hearing all about Chris Van Dusen’s process behind his fun children’s books. Seeing the original artworks that went into the creation of each one was a real treat! We hope all those young enthusiastic faces went home just as inspired as we were.

If you weren’t there, can you guess which book incorporates our classic Kenga rug design and Mica pillows into the scenery?

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Recently I created Inspired space, a series of curated storyboards to show the pieces from our collection that speak to one another, grouped by their similar essence. Each design builds upon the next guide to help you coordinate your decisions, to help make your room come together flawlessly, to make it instantly achieve the vibe you’re looking for, but most importantly– to make it feel like home.

Here are a few of my favorite Inspired Spaces.

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Seaweed Man from Larch Hanson on Vimeo.

Low tide is one of my favorite things about Maine. The rich colors and textures that are unveiled as the tide sweeps out appear like secret treasures. The palate of the ocean floor changes with seasons in the same way the foliage on trees and plants do. The seaweed starts to glow this time of year. It looks like rich honey blanketing the floor or flowing in shallow waters.

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slim aarons

Young women by the Canellopoulos penthouse pool, Athens, July 1961.

Summertime in Maine is full of tradition, boating, parties and swimming in beautiful places. Slim Aarons captured summertime leisure in exotic places better than anyone. Thank you to Photographer’s Gallery for the biography. Images from Everyday I Show.

“Increasingly heralded for his influence, Slim Aarons established his place in the Pantheon of great postwar photographers.

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Northwest Roadtrip

Who doesn’t love a roadtrip? We post a lot about Maine. We love living here and appreciate the natural beauty around us every day. But there are many parts of the country that are incredibly beautiful, inspiring and certainly worth being on your list of places to explore and experience. The Northwest is one of those places. In summertime, the wildflowers carpet the landscape and the mountains hold court as they do every season.

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Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

As designers, we often make models of our ideas to better understand the scale and to view from all angles. I grew up with dollhouses and always loved redecorating and imagining how a family might live in the space. The idea that you could see a cross section of what everyone was doing inside was always fun to contemplate.

The idea of Queen Mary’s dollhouse caught my attention.

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alexander calder

Alexander Calder has been one of my favorite artists for as long as I can remember. I love the primary colors he uses in his paintings and the bold, pure shapes in his sculpture. When Sherwood and I stumbled upon an installation of his Cirque Calder in New York years ago— we fell in love with Calder and his playful, clever imagination.

Thank you to SuperRadNow for the article.

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Happiland Paintings blog studio angela adams maine

One of my favorite exercises to do in the studio is to design plants, trees and creatures for a new landscape. I call this landscape Happiland; it is a land I imagine, where the vegetation and the creatures all coexist in a very peaceful way. They need and appreciate each other and more than anything, they celebrate life together and share in the care of the land, air and sea around them.

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Jean Dubuffet (1901 – 1985) resisted authority from an early age. He didn’t see the art world in the way that society saw it at the time. He was greatly influenced by Hans Prinzhorn’s book Artistry of the Mentally Ill and found the art of the insane and of children to be far superior to the works considered to be great by critics, museums and collectors. He coined the term Art Brut,

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I have a dream of filling the nine rooms of Villa la Banane with friends and relaxing on the furnishings of some of my favorite designers- Charlotte Perriand, Jean Royere and Pierre Jeanneret. The interiors and furnishings are exquisite and hold a long history of glamorous international parties and getaways. The design is timeless and a perfect combination of mid century French design and Caribbean luxury.


“There are places you don’t happen upon just by chance.

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india mahdavi

We all have our favorites. India Mahdavi is mine. Or at least one of my most favorite favorites. She was born in Iran and spent her first one and a half years there, before traveling with her family and living in the United States, Germany and France. Her worldly influences are evident in her interiors and furnishings. I find her style to be feminine, confident and just perfect in an unpredictably surprising and inspiring way.

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Yayoi Kusama’s work is powerful and mind bending. Since the age of 10, as a child growing up in Japan she has had hallucinations and visions that she has turned into vibrant works of art. Her dreams have informed paintings and sculptures. Her life and work are full of stories and wild interpretations of her visions. Along the way, artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Donald Judd became her friends and supporters. At first look, one might think her life has been full of joy due to the playful colors and shapes,
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abd90319faed7aa99b6ad0f25a303367The concept of designing a house to meet the individual needs of the owner or oneself is a fascinating and luxurious idea. Designing how you want to live at home to the tiniest detail is a rare opportunity. Whenever I have the opportunity to peel back the layers of this in process it is an interesting study not only in design, but in individual style and human behavior. In the case of Villa Mairea,

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Annex - Ann-Margret (Bye Bye Birdie)_01

It’s hard to compare anyone to Ann Margret. She’s in a league of her own. It’s nearly impossible to take your eyes off of her — even when she is co-starring alongside Elvis. It isn’t simply her beauty that shines. Nor is it her acting or dancing talent. I think what shines brightest is her spirit. She’s happy, positive and appreciating every moment. Two of my favorite Ann Margret movies are Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas.

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Collaborating with other artists and designers is a rewarding exercise. The suprises that happen can make for a magical combination of different approaches to the same challenges. I really enjoyed collaborating with Kat Manock, a talented jewelry artist that lives on the island where I grew up. She was so full of fun ideas and mixed media that I wish we could do some form of that collaborating every few months. After bouncing ideas around,
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As the scribe for this blog I have the luxurious task of creating posts (along with Nicole, our designer) that share a theme of our choosing. Betsy another talented member of our team came in one day excited about a new book called Bohemian Modern. That was all it took… I got lost immediately in the idea of whom we would feature as part of our Bohemian series. I knew the fashion designers Ossie Clark and Celia Birtwell were in,

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“Celia Birtwell is the textile designer whose floral prints on gossamer chiffons, silks and satins, tailored and cut into romantic dresses and shirts by her late ex-husband, Ossie Clark, defined the ethereal look of the late 1960s and 1970s. Talitha Getty, Marianne Faithfull, Pattie Boyd and Bianca Jagger all wore them. Even Brian Jones and Keith Richards couldn’t resist the odd blouse.” >> Read more about Celia Birtwell and Ossie Clark at Fashion.Telegraph.UK


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2015.12.29 First Snowfall from angela adams on Vimeo.

We all remember innovating with our winter sports equipment. What would get us down the hill the fastest in the given conditions was our after school focus. We had the most excellent sliding hills on the island growing up. The golf course was great on powder days, with a good snow boat that didn’t have scars on it from riding over rocks on boney days.

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The rain in Maine won’t let up. It should be snowing. So this week we are willing it with our snow minded posts.

Sonja Hinrichsen’s snow paintings are fantastical wintery doodles, albeit with a short lifespan. Looking at them, you almost get the impression that small creatures made these tracks while scurrying about their daily lives. A life so happy and light that the resulting patterns read like fairytales.

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I fell in love with Justine Ashbee’s work the first time I ever laid eyes on it. Her weavings are textural, elegant and beautiful crafted. We’re thrilled to be carrying her pieces in our retail store and urge you to come by and see them in person. — angela


“Expanding her horizons as an artist, Justine Ashbee is pleased to introduce Native Line, new forms in woven precious metals,

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Remember being a kid and drawing airplanes? I think the Beech Bonanzas all look exactly like the drawings we did as kids. It’s airplane perfection in many ways. Beautiful fliers and iconic design that still today is an airplane that makes you smile every time you see it. Pilots look at bonanzas in the same way they look at their favorite Uncle, with love, respect and a let’s go flying attitude. Beechcraft was founded in Wichita Kansas by Walter and Olive Ann Beech in 1932.

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johnston marklee

Every Wednesday we feature Architects, Interior Designers and inspiring interiors. It’s a great opportunity for us to share some of our favorite designers and to also keep an eye on their latest work as well as works in progress. This week we feature Johnston Marklee.

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We all have our favorite modern architects. There are so many California modernists that come to mind when thinking about a modern house full of modern art and design. Swedish born Greta Magnusson Grossman is one of my favorites. She immigrated to Los Angeles in 1940, where she continued her Architectural work, which was already well known in Sweden. I could easily live in one the houses she designed, filling it with her furniture and lighting.

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I love the sci-fi quality of cacti. I’ve had some magical encounters with them. One in particular where they seemed to hum and glow in the yellow sunlight. Their energy seemed to make a sound that was indescribable. It was one of the most powerful experiences I have had in nature. Saquaros always stop me in my tracks. They seem like grand old men to me, casting a knowing look at the world around them.

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