Our Inner Nature Contest Rug is Here
Last year we launched the Inner Nature Collection, a collection of rugs and furniture celebrating the beauty of expressing our true selves. Shortly after the launch, we invited our followers to consider their own Inner Nature and share their thoughts with us in a short essay contest. The winner, Ally Carrier, was among hundreds of entries we received, and was chosen as the winner by Angela based on her answers to the interview questions.
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Sherwood Hamill Furniture Shop

Most often my design process begins with an emotional experience where I will have a dream like feeling about this great idea for a piece of furniture. More than likely the great idea is only an emotional idea that will never make it into the tangible 3D world of reality.

The challenge has always been to bring a good idea from an abstract place into the 3D working environment where it can be studied and shaped into a furniture piece.

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For the 18 years we had our studios, shop and business on Congress Street in Portland, Maine we had the luxury of sharing that building with Tom Hall. Tom is a featured artist in our new Studio Showroom. His work transforms the spaces it inhabits and layers on a depth of soul that whispers a subtle air of solitude and wisdom, inspired by the landscape that has captivated him his entire life – the Maine woods.
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Maine illustrator Scott Nash is stopping by the Studio Showroom at 11AM on July 7, 2018, to read some of his classics to children of all ages. All are welcome! (Be sure to bring your own books for autographs, as we won’t have any on hand for sale.)

Scott Nash Illustrator East Bayside Portland Maine Block Party July 7 2018Then after Scott’s reading, you can check out all the other cool stuff our neighborhood is up to. Events are also happening at Abigail Gray Swartz,

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Long live Robert Indiana and his inspiring work. He will live on forever in his iconic work and his powerful graphic art. Robert Indiana Artist love angela adams blogRobert Indiana Artist love angela adams blogRobert Indiana Artist love angela adams blog Robert Indiana Artist love angela adams blog

“I had naively originally thought Robert Indiana’s LOVE sculpture was unique to Philadelphia’s LOVE park. I couldn’t have been more wrong. The original image was designed for the Museum of Modern Art as a Christmas card image in 1964. It was made into a colorless Cor-Ten Steel sculpture in 1970 and was shown in New York.”


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Thanks to all of you who came out on Saturday! We really enjoyed hosting all of you and hearing all about Chris Van Dusen’s process behind his fun children’s books. Seeing the original artworks that went into the creation of each one was a real treat! We hope all those young enthusiastic faces went home just as inspired as we were.

If you weren’t there, can you guess which book incorporates our classic Kenga rug design and Mica pillows into the scenery?

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Recently I created Inspired space, a series of curated storyboards to show the pieces from our collection that speak to one another, grouped by their similar essence. Each design builds upon the next guide to help you coordinate your decisions, to help make your room come together flawlessly, to make it instantly achieve the vibe you’re looking for, but most importantly– to make it feel like home.

Here are a few of my favorite Inspired Spaces.

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Queen Mary’s Dollhouse

As designers, we often make models of our ideas to better understand the scale and to view from all angles. I grew up with dollhouses and always loved redecorating and imagining how a family might live in the space. The idea that you could see a cross section of what everyone was doing inside was always fun to contemplate.

The idea of Queen Mary’s dollhouse caught my attention.

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Happiland Paintings blog studio angela adams maine

One of my favorite exercises to do in the studio is to design plants, trees and creatures for a new landscape. I call this landscape Happiland; it is a land I imagine, where the vegetation and the creatures all coexist in a very peaceful way. They need and appreciate each other and more than anything, they celebrate life together and share in the care of the land, air and sea around them.

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bernard langlais

Many of us dream of living a life completely filled with art, craft and creative projects around every corner. Bernard Langlais did just that. He turned his property in Cushing, Maine into a giant sculpture park and studio full of his beautiful wooden creatures and modern paintings. My mother was great about taking me to see art whenever we were on the mainland. She introduced me to the work of artists such as Louise Nevelson and Bernard Langlais,

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David Bowie legend music blog fashion design inspiration

Our posts this week are inspired by black and white.  I am not sure why David Bowie was the screamingly obvious musical choice for this series, but I think the answer lives on a variety of planes in which Bowie has explored and experimented. He was a multi dimensional artist and person and I think the music is just one part of it. He had an intriguing alien quality that is captivating and exciting and he exudes a sensitivity that is both raw and protected.

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The City Museum, St. Louis Missouri blog angela adams adventure

This week’s posts all connect to the Midwestern U.S. Our in-house expert on the midwest is non-other than Betsy McDonald, a longtime member of the aa team, whom hails from Missouri. When we were brainstorming about features for this post she suggested the City Museum of St. Louis. From there, I got lost in the imagery and imagination of this amazing place and immediately added it to my to do list on my trip westward.

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Throughout the 20 year history of angela adams, our Portland, Maine based design company has collected awards and accolades from design critics worldwide. Along with the popularity of the nature-inspired designs among industry followers and designers, the products and product collaborations featuring angela adams designs have been featured in magazines, television shows, movies and design blogs.


To receive new product information and company updates, or request interviews or design studio tours,

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