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angela adams studies modern plush luxury rug handmade rugs

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The Studies Collection from angela adams from angela adams on Vimeo.

Our new Studies collection of small natural fiber area rugs started out as a sketching exercise and evolved into little pops of personality to enhance your living space with positive energy and plush landing pads for casual living.

Sketching is an important part of the studio process. Often the most successful designs come together by simply not trying to do anything in particular. Shapes and colors in our subconscious can come to life when we allow them to freely flow onto the pages of our sketchbook.

In the same way that a creative experiment can lead to good design, a richly textured interior can come to life with small pops of texture, pattern and color, brightening places that otherwise go unnoticed and enhancing a space with lush soft texture that invites you to get down on the floor to stretch and relax. They make great kids rugs, or a fun pop of color for your home office.


ALDEN (3 x 5)

Studies Shag Shaggy Alden luxury modern colorful handmade rugs

The plush Alden rug design is named for an adventurous red haired boy and big brother to Maeve. The vibrating design represents the youthful pure energy of a happy child and reminds us that we always inhabit that energy of our youth and simply need to let it flow freely, recharging our souls with the rich youthful energy of our earliest years. The two color ways of Alden represent the masculine and feminine energies we all hold within us.

The Sunset colorway is a burst of golden light, that fills our hearts and homes with warmth.

The Sapphire colorway is a powerful mineral palette that is fresh and vibrant, emanating with Earth energy.


DROM (4 x 6)

The plush Drom rug design is inspired by Swedish folk art and the power of storytelling that is passed on through layers of family and friends. We cherish family stories and time listening to our elders talk about their experiences and adventures. Heirloom craft is a traditional way to share stories and pass along techniques and designs that have been part of a culture for generations. Drom is the Swedish word for dream and the plushness of the Drom rug invites you to lay down on it and rest your eyes and mind.

Sol is the Swedish word for Sun, and the Sol color way represents a lush green landscape that has been nourished by summer days in Sweden, when the sun never sets.

The Sno colorway represents the snowy winter landscape in Sweden, when reindeer come down from the high mountains and the daylight hours are few.

The Lisma colorway is named for a small Nordic village in Finland that is surrounded by the Lemmenjoki National Park.


MAEVE (3 x 5)

Studies Shag Shaggy luxury modern colorful handmade rugs Maeve

The plush Maeve rug design bursts with feminine energy and excitement. Named for a red haired little girl, Maeve is the little sister to Alden and often one to propose a secret sibling adventure.

The Seaweed color recalls days walking the beach at low tide, lifting seaweed on the hunt for little crabs and other sea life.

The Tulip color way is blooming with the colors of Spring and the promise of longer days, warm sunshine and vibrant landscapes.


TIKI (3 x 5 / 2.5 x 8 runner)

Studies Shag Shaggy luxury modern colorful handmade rugs Tiki

Primitive lines and shapes that are reminiscent of ancient Mayan drawings, the plush Tiki design is inspired by a Mayan day (March 8th) that is considered to be a great day for starting new things and making dreams and ideas a reality – making the world a lighter, happier place.

The Harvest color way represents a fertile planet and an abundant harvest that brings prosperity and good fortune.

The Lagoon color way celebrates the waters of our world and the majestic creatures and plants that live within it.

The Sunset color way pays tribute to the glorious ball of positive light that is our sun and the magical colors that burst around it at sunset.

If you’d like to know more about the collection or other products we offer, you can find more materials on our Press page, or contact Jenna Pfueller at jpfueller(at) for more information.

I hope you enjoy the collection as much as I enjoyed designing it! Have a wonderful day.

All best,


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