Primitive lines and shapes that are reminiscent of ancient Mayan drawings, the plush Tiki design is inspired by a Mayan day (March 8th) that is considered to be a great day for starting new things and making dreams and ideas a reality – making the world a lighter, happier place.

The Harvest color way represents a fertile planet and an abundant harvest that brings prosperity and good fortune.

The Lagoon color way celebrates the waters of our world and the majestic creatures and plants that live within it.

The Sunset color way pays tribute to the glorious ball of positive light that is our sun and the magical colors that burst around it at sunset.

Hand tufted 100% New Zealand wool in shag height.

Handmade in India, each angela adams rug is ethically and responsibly handmade by skilled artisans. A portion of the proceeds from every rug sale is donated to the country where it was made.

Also available in custom sizes and colors. For additional information, please contact us at (800) 255 – 9454 or customerservice@angelaadams.com.