Nature Inspired Patterns

The shapes of nature and living on the coast Maine provides endless design inspiration. The tides, seasons, foliage and weather are always in a constant state of change. The palette varies from one hour to the next at times, with the fog rolling in soft acoustical beauty, the outgoing tide revealing a textural seascape that ripens and rusts as the seasons progress and the colder months when the trees have lost their leaves and only the raw architecture of the land holds court for the Mainers that stay on all winter and relish in the quiet beauty of winter.

The simplest forms of natural beauty are some of my favorite inspirations.


The Haven design recalls small tidal pools and mini ecosystems in nature, as well as aerial views of islands and the oceans currents.

nature haze waves collage5

Standing on the stern of a boat, I get mesmerized by the patterns in the wake— Haze.


Beach rocks inspire endless patterns, like Lulu featured on the left.


Archie comes to mind when I see stacks of lobster crates piled high on beaches, awaiting a pick up and delivery to the ocean floor.