Beulah was always one of the most stylish ladies on the island. Always in a dress or skirt and with bold jewelry and very fashionable glasses. She was a very kind and loving person, always seen on car rides around the island every weekend with her family. >> beulah rug


Named for the beautiful soaring birds along the coast, the Sea Bird sidecase has the graceful lines of one of the most beautiful avian aviators, the seagull. >> Sea Bird Side Case


My Grandmother Helen’s initials are H.R.M. She sewed labels into our hand-knit sweaters that said “Made especially for you by Her Royal Majesty”. Her jams and jellies had the same label. Her favorite lipstick was a bright pink one, called Moka Poka Pink. We had wool dyed to match her lipstick and named it Moka Poka. I designed this rug in her honor, using her color. She was the beloved matriarch of our family and everyone’s special friend. >> majesty rug


Pooky was a dream cat. She was born when I was 19 ½ and we were together until she was 19 ½. We travelled together, went through college together, took long walks on the beach and in the woods. She and Sherwood shared a special bond as well and she will forever be in our hearts and memories. The Pooky rug is a tribute to her and the love and support she poured out throughout her entire life. >> pooky rug