Low Tide Vibe

Low tide vibe island new hampshire
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The Sea, once it casts it’s spell, holds one in it’s wonder forever.


 Low Tide Vibe


Maine has an ever-changing landscape. Not only because we have vivid seasons that are in constant motion, but we also have great tides that act like theatrical curtains that open and close, revealing a show of wonderful surprises below the surface – but all on it’s own terms.

The ocean floor changes color throughout the seasons along with the landscape. Seaweeds turn a golden honey color, beach grasses turn from green, to rust to gold.  

Low Tide Vibe Seaweed For me growing up, low tide was like a treasure hunt, lifting seaweed to see whom might be living under it, digging clams, picking mussels and studying what seemed like an entire civilization in a small tidal pool.
 The palette and textures of low tide are very comforting and peaceful and have inspired many of our designs. The dramatic Sea Fantasy is probably the most notable example. But from that design others evolved, including Ocean, Surf, and Dune. I hope that their presence in your home transports with it all of those calming vibes and memories of the sea at low tide. 
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