Inspired Spaces

Recently I created Inspired space, a series of curated storyboards to show the pieces from our collection that speak to one another, grouped by their similar essence. Each design builds upon the next guide to help you coordinate your decisions, to help make your room come together flawlessly, to make it instantly achieve the vibe you’re looking for, but most importantly– to make it feel like home.

Here are a few of my favorite Inspired Spaces.

Inspired Spaces angela adams Deep Sea

  1. Glacier Rug
  2. Garbo Rug
  3. Sea Cave Runner
  4. Moby Table

Drift Inspired Spaces angela adams1. Spacewave Rug

2. Nebula Rug

3. Sea Chest Sidecase

4. Bark Rug

Glow yellow Inspired Spaces angela adams

  1. Glacier Rug
  2. Amma Rug
  3. Propeller Table
  4. Galactic Rug

NORDIC Inspired Spaces angela adams

  1. Owl Feather Rug
  2. Ocean Rug
  3. Tula Dining Table and Chairs

Inspired Spaces angela adams Zen

  1. Mack Rug
  2. Infinity Rug
  3. Timber Sidecase