Biophilia: (noun) bio * phil * ia

angela adams biophilia maine designer

Popularized by psychoanalyst Erich Fromm in the 1964 book The Heart of Man, the term “biophilia” (from bio-, meaning “life,” and –philia, meaning “friendly feeling”) refers to “love for humanity and nature, and independence and freedom.” Twenty years later, Edward O. Wilson expanded on that definition, adding “the rich, natural pleasure that comes from being surrounded by living organisms.”

Design has a powerful effect on our minds, bodies, and souls, and it’s at the core of everything we do. It’s the life force that drives us to pause to watch a colorful sunset, to take a walk in the woods alone, and gather together with one another in times of joy or challenge. We are rooted in that simple appreciation of the natural world, and it informs every design we create. By committing ourselves to this, and sourcing our materials responsibly and sustainably, we hope to help you create a closer connection in your home. Biophilia design, along with attention to detail, natural fiber materials and quality craftsmanship produces a product that serves as a long-lasting gathering spot that inspires all to come together– naturally.

The namesakes of so many of our designs give homage to their earthly muse and lend themselves to biophilic design. Our Woodland rug, sometimes called our forest rug, is a verdant design that thrives year round. Other biophilic designs include our Waves, Dune, Starry, Glacier, Downpour, Nectar, Fog, Nebula, Garden, Canopy, Bark, Birch, Borealis, Harbor, Haven, Ocean, Pyrite, Sea Cave, Surf, Sea bird, Moby, and Timber—and each one adds a different but earthy vibe to the spaces they occupy.

It’s with this thought in mind that we invite you to embrace biophilia in your life this year, and every year. Because incorporating more inspired, natural fiber, sustainable goods into your home and workspaces sparks joy that lasts a lifetime.