marsStumbling upon the book This is Mars was perfect. Thank you It’s Nice That for the discovery and article!

Everyone’s talking about going to visit Mars now that the option is now sort of available. To be honest, there are actually some people I would happily wave off as they careered off to an uninhabitable planet that can be up to 250 million miles away. For those of us who prefer a simple life on watery,

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Angela’s Interview with artist Honour Mack

Some paintings shout. Others whisper. One might dance, while another haunts. 

Honour Mack’s paintings float. They move slowly out of the corner of your eye.  Layers deep within her paintings, find their way to the surface as light changes. There’s an ethereal quality to Honour’s paintings that I find mysteriously comforting. Unexpected color. We live with an Honour Mack painting and I look forward to seeing it when I get home every day. 

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unique coffee table sustainable Sherwood Hamill

The Swell Coffee Table has always been one of my favorite pieces in our furniture collection. Sherwood Hamill (my husband and business partner) and I started our company together 20 years ago, and have been together for 25 years. I know very well how much he values design, form, and craftsmanship. He approaches design in the same way he approaches everything— thoughtfully.

Biomorphic form and organic materials give the Swell Coffee Table it’s natural essence.

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Throughout the 20 year history of angela adams, the Portland, Maine based design company has collected awards and accolades from design critics worldwide. Along with the popularity of the nature-inspired designs among industry followers and designers, the products and product collaborations featuring angela adams designs have been featured in magazines, television shows, movies and design blogs.


To receive new product information and company updates, or request interviews or design studio tours,

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Life’s lines pull apart and come together, drawing us near and pushing us away through a series of angles and measured repetition. The geometry of nature and humanity is constant and varied. The collective mathematical relationships in design in the various forms that surround us have an amazing ability to thrill and delight, or soothe away the chaos of everyday life.

Garbo Amber Luxury Wool Handmade RugLike a puzzle seeking resolution, the calming geometric designs in our collection pull together all the pieces to create a polished,

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Recently we had the pleasure of having two of our rugs included on a project for the DIY Network. Restored show host and home preservationist Brett Waterman included our Borealis and Spike rugs in Jeff & James’ restored 1906 Arts and Crafts home in Season 2 Episode 2. We’re glad to be a part of a home being thoughtfully returned to its original splendor!

Didn’t catch it? Watch it here!

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Biophilia: (noun) bio * phil * ia

Popularized by psychoanalyst Erich Fromm in the 1964 book The Heart of Man, the term “biophilia” (from bio-, meaning “life,” and –philia, meaning “friendly feeling”) refers to “love for humanity and nature, and independence and freedom.” Twenty years later, Edward O. Wilson expanded on that definition, adding “the rich, natural pleasure that comes from being surrounded by living organisms.”

Design has a powerful effect on our minds,

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